Service Levels

We were recently looking to outsource some of our SEO activities, and so we contacted 8 different companies, all of whom were at (or near) the top of the Google rank for 'SEO' or 'Search Engine Optimisation'. We figured that if they could get to the top of a search term like 'SEO', then they knew what they were doing. Maybe so, but of the 8 companies that we contacted, only 1 got back to us 5 days later with a half-hearted attempt at introducing themselves (and has since completely dissapeared). Either business is so good for these companies that they can completely ignore potential clients, or their service levels are atrocious. I'm betting the latter. Not that we are doing too badly on SEO - currently ranking 6th for 'uk online accounting'.

Having very high service levels is something that we pride ourselves on enormously at AccountsPortal. Its not 'just another thing' that we do - we actively track how long it takes us to get back to every single inquiry - whether it be sales, support or just general questions.

For inquiries made during working hours, we answer support requests (on average) in only 21 minutes.

Yes, if we get a question at midnight then its going to take longer to get back to you. Or if its a complicated item that requires more investigation.

Our next aim is to get this down to less than 20 minutes. And we are also currently considering implementing a Live Chat feature on our website - will you find this useful?

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