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Provide your clients with an easy-to-use online accounting system.

Many accountants and bookkeepers support clients using a variety of accounting software packages - the administration costs associated with supporting multiple applications, or wading through error-prone spreadsheets, are often seen as unavoidable. This time could be better spent growing your practice or providing professional value-added services to your clients.


Login simultaneously with your clients to review their financial position. Advise or assist with adjustments in real time.


Provide access to all of your staff members at no extra cost. Switch between any of your clients with a single click.


We take care of the upgrades and backups, so that you can focus on your core business. Your data is safe and secure.


Reap the rewards of having your clients on a single software platform which is always the latest version and backed up.


AccountsPortal is available 24/7. Your staff and clients have access from anywhere with an internet connection.


Accredited by the ICB - AccountsPortal has been thoroughly tested and is a robust, reliable platform.
Price Per Month * £6.00 £10.00
Unlimited Staff Members Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited Support Yes Yes Yes
256-Bit SSL Yes Yes Yes
Monthly Invoice Schedule Yes Yes Yes
Client Management Yes Yes Yes
Flexible double-entry accounting Yes Yes Yes
Unique Web Address Yes   Yes
Company Branding Yes   Yes
Integrated Help Docs Yes   Yes

Go Pro!

The White Label version offers a total end-to-end solution that we host on a separate domain and has no links back to AccountsPortal. Get your own unique url (e.g., use of your own logo and the ability to change the default colours.

Reserve your own unique white label web address now!

* Price is per company and excludes VAT, where appropriate

Please note that you require a minimum of 3 clients to join the White Label programme

We believe that AccountsPortal is the best value online accountancy software currently available. Our philosophy has always been to help clients minimise their accountancy costs whilst maintaining a more personal approach; AccountsPortal therefore enables us to offer our clients a more cost effective and proactive service.
Andrew Lindley
Brown Royd
We have recommended AccountsPortal to our clients and it has been very well received. It is an excellent package for small businesses and provides rich yet friendly functionality. We get direct access to their data and can troubleshoot easily without having to email files around or visit the clients.
Luke Davis
Dale Accounting
SK Accountancy recommends Accounts Portal to all small businesses as an easy cost-effective book keeping solution.
Susan Knowles
SK Accountancy