About Us

Hi, my name is Jon Behr - CEO and founder of AccountsPortal.

How It Started

After graduating with an honours degree in finance, I embarked on a career in corporate finance, specialising in financial modelling, accounting and systems development. In 2007, I left full time employment and started contracting. My accountant was very good but required all my data to be emailed back and forth in spreadsheets - this struck me as being extremely inefficient. I began to look for an online accounting solution and signed up for a few free trials. The existing software options were all overpriced, old fashioned or unnecessarily complicated. Surprisingly, most online accounting software was (and still is!) around £15 - £30 per month, often with restrictions on users or transactions. Disappointed with the options available to me, I decided to develop a new online accounting package with a very clear view - it had to be modern, easy-to-use and available for £10 per month or less. After a development period, we opened our doors to the public at the start of 2010.

From Strength To Strength

Since then, AccountsPortal has gone from strength to strength. We continue to add new features and expand into new markets. Our client base is doubling every year and is now spread across more than 15 countries. Thousands of small businesses, contractors, freelancers, accountants and bookkeepers all love AccountsPortal because we provide exceptional value for money in a simple and flexible package.

Keeping It Simple

We don't aim to be an all-encompassing package that offers every possible feature. Instead, we choose our development path very carefully, and make sure that our software does not become bloated and difficult to use. Our mantra is, and always will be, "Keeping It Simple". This way we ensure you spend less time on your accounting system and more time growing your business.

Exceptional Service Through An Exceptional Team

AccountsPortal is not just an accounting system. It is the combined efforts of a great team who are passionate about the journey. Our involvement in moulding the future of cloud accounting and SaaS is really exciting but we proudly hang onto some of the old-fashioned values, such as providing exceptional service. You will notice this whenever you contact our support desk.

So, welcome to AccountsPortal. If you haven't already done so, please feel free to take advantage of our 30 day trial to see what you are missing out on.

Jon Behr

If you would like to get hold of me directly, call +44 208 123 1223 at any time, or contact me via twitter: @jontybehr and @accountsportal.