The Best Accounting Software For Hospitality and Catering

Tools to manage your business' cashflow, tax and other accounting needs.

Serving customers and managing your hospitality business can involve long and unsociable hours, and the last thing you want to do after a busy day is face a mountain of paperwork and excel spreadsheets.

Hundreds of hotels, restaurants, cafes and other small businesses use AccountsPortal for their accounting needs; reducing the amount of paperwork, saving time and money, and leaving you free to keep your customers happy and businesses thriving.

Bank feeds and automated reports help you keep on top of your bank accounts, suppliers, cash flow, taxes and VAT, which makes monitoring financial performance a breeze with easy to produce figures and reports.

You don't have to be an accountant or finance specialist to use AccountPortal; our online bookkeeping software is easy to use and intuitive. You also get direct access to our support team at no extra cost.

Stay profitable with inventory and stock reporting tools

Keeping tabs on stock and inventory is crucial to running a profitable business, and we make it easy for you to do so using our straightforward tracking tools. You can create price lists for products and services, and easily add them to invoices.

Detailed reporting
Track stock items overtime, especially important if you're dealing with perishable items. Detailed reporting can also help optimise how much you order, preventing you from having too much and having it go to waste, or from disappointing customers by not having enough stock available.

Look back and identify seasonal trends and popular items, even track how customer preferences have changed and forecast ahead.

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Use Professional Looking Purchase Orders To Keep Track of expenditure

Create purchase orders to replenish stock or other items such as furniture. Purchase orders can be created and sent straight from your desktop, phone or tablet.

Add your branding and templates to create professional-looking purchases orders in your own style.

Invoices can be automatically creating invoices from purchase orders, and you can track the status from within the system.

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Purchase Order

Get Paid Faster Using Online Invoices

Create professional-looking invoices in no time at all. Create a new invoice from scratch or convert a quote into an invoice with just one click.

Never miss a payment
It can be hard keeping track of outstanding invoices, especially if you have to manage multiple invoices at the same time. Overlooking an invoice could mean delays in getting amounts due and affect future cash flow.

AccountsPortal's tracking features are designed to ensure invoices are tracked from issue to settlement, so you never lose track of an invoice again.

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Get paid quicker with online invoices

Keep up to date with your bank transactions and cash flow

With tight margins and seasonal fluctuations having tight control over cash flow is crucial to a hospitality businesses success.

With AccountsPortal, you can connect multiple accounts and automatically sync transactions directly into the software; keeping you up to date with transactions, reconciliation status and cash flow.

Automatically match transactions using import rules and significantly improve processing speed.

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Bank transactions

Integrate payment systems and get paid quicker

Integrate payment systems such as Stripe directly into AccountsPortal, which allows you to accept card payments without setting up a merchant's account and have transactions feed directly into AccountsPortal at the same time.

Stripe is one of the most innovative and fastest payment processors around. Stripe can be integrated seamlessly into AccountsPortal so you can make your customers' lives easier and get paid faster by taking online payments at time of booking.

In addition, you can add a PayPal button to accept card payments or direct remittance from PayPal

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Online payments

Understand how your business is doing using reporting tools

Being on your feet all day and focusing on helping customers means you don't have the time to compile lengthy reports into the state of your business. Luckily AccountsPortal is here to help, with our reporting tools it's easy to track your accounts, sales and expenses over time. Giving you the vital information you need to run your business.

See your income and expenses for the month and year-to-date. And most importantly keep track of your monthly and yearly cash inflows and outflows.

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Accounting dashboard

VAT made easy

Out of the box, AccountsPortal can handle all VAT scenarios, such as Standard, Flat Rate, EU Digital Services, VAT MOSS and more as well as VAT accounting in any country, particularly useful if you sell internationally. You can also create custom tax rates at any time.

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VAT report

Popular Features For Hospitality and Caterers

Easy Setup

Our easy online accounting software is intuitive and flexible. Get started in just a few minutes!

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Free Support

Free, unlimited support to ensure that you get the most out of our accounting software

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Accredited Software

Our best online accounting software is accredited by the ICB, the world's largest bookkeeping institute.

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Contacts and Statements

Access all your customer and supplier information, plus one-click statement generation.

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Users and Permissions

Unlimited users. Set permissions to control the information you want each user to access.

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Keep on top of your numbers and see how your business is doing at a glance.

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