The Best Accounting Software For Non-profits and Charities

AccountsPortal is perfect for small to medium non-profit organisations and charities.

How We Help Non-profits and Charities

AccountsPortal makes managing your non-profit or charity incredibly easy.

AccountsPortal provides a comprehensive bookkeeping solution, including excellent reporting so you can have full visibility of your finances. You can integrate your banking, suppliers and invoices, tax, VAT, reconciliations and end of year accounting simply and effectively. You can also create custom categories and cost centres, allowing you to track and assign your transactions effectively.

Our accounting software is meticulous, just as you need it to be. It’s simple to use on any device via a web browser and internet connection. AccountsPortal includes additional users at no extra charge and you can assign unique permissions to each individual user so that they only get access to the information that you specify.

Popular Features For Non-profits and Charities

Easy Setup

Our easy online accounting software is intuitive and flexible. Get started in just a few minutes!

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Free Support

Free, unlimited support to ensure that you get the most out of our accounting software

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Accept Online Payments

Get paid quicker with simple integrated payments via PayPal or Stripe.

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