The Best Startup Accounting Software

Focus on growing your startup, and let AccountsPortal manage your invoicing and banking.

Congratulations on taking the plunge and starting up a new business! It's an exciting time with lots of tasks to juggle such as setting up new systems and processes, marketing your products or services and gaining your first customers.

When it comes to managing your accounts, you want to implement a system that's quick and easy to use, but flexible enough to provide a strong foundation for future growth.

AccountsPortal intuitive accounting and bookkeeping software makes light work of balancing the books. Easy to set up and cloud-based, so you can record all your transactions and view your quotes, invoices, payments and expenses from wherever you are. Packed with useful features and designed to make sharing information easy with staff members, accounts and financial advisers.

Generate professional-looking invoices from wherever you are

There's nothing more satisfying than sending your first invoice. AccountsPortal makes it easy for you to generate and send your invoices – you don't even need to be sat at your computer. Invoices can be generated in a couple of clicks from your mobile, laptop or desktop.

Create invoices from scratch or take advantage of AccountsPortal's range of invoice templates – add your branding and logo, and you're good to go!

Create multiple templates to cover your range of services. Generate quotes and quickly convert them into invoices, avoiding any manual errors. AccountsPortal tracks invoice payments so you can easily see who's paid and who hasn't.

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Manage your bank accounts and cashflow effectively

AccountsPortal makes it easy for you to keep on top of your cash flow, by accurately recording the money coming in and out of your bank account – helping you grow your business, by making better-informed financial decisions.

Save time and increase accuracy by using bank feeds to sync your bank statements with AccountsPortal. You can connect multiple accounts, including PayPal and automatically sync your transactions. Set up import rules to automatically match transactions and significantly improve processing time.

AccountsPortal makes it easy to view all of your accounts at a glance – making it easy you manage your cashflow.

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Make light work of your Taxes and VAT

Tax and VAT returns don't need to be hard work. AccountsPortal makes it easy to report on your tax and VAT obligations. It handles all VAT Scenarios, such as Standard, Flat Rate, VAT MOSS and VAT for any country. You can even create custom tax rates to suit your individual business needs.

AccountsPortal caters for accrual or cash-based VAT; you can easily switch from one basis to another. Create VAT reports in seconds, not days, and UK customers can automatically submit VAT filings to HMRC.

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Get paid quicker with online invoices

Quick and Easy to Set up

AccountsPortal makes light work of setting up your accounts systems. Our quick start wizard will have you up and running in minutes. Or if converting from another accounting system, our import tool makes it easy to migrate data. 

Being cloud-based everything is online, so you don't have to waste time waiting for files to download, and all updates are free and automatic.

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Collaborate effectively

AccountsPortal makes it easy to share information. There's no charge or limit on how many users you invite to access your accounts data. Easily set up user permissions to suit your business needs.

Create individual user accounts for your business partner, bookkeeper, accountant or financial advisor. You can assign unique permissions to each user, so everyone has access to the features they need to help you grow your business.  

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Online payments

Stay in control, easily visualise how your business is doing

See the bigger picture through AccountsPortal's dashboard. Monitor the current balance of your accounts, customise the dashboard by adding or removing accounts from the watchlist.

Cashflow keeps your business afloat. Benefit from an accurate real-time view of your Profit and Loss for the month and year to date.

Easily view your income and expenses, see how much is owed to you, and how much you owe other people. Get an overview of any unpaid invoices, and how long they have been outstanding.

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Accounting dashboard

Get paid sooner with online payments

Reduce the time you spend chasing payments. Make it easier for your customers to pay by adding payment buttons to your invoices. Your customers can settle up using debit or credit cards and by PayPal.

AccountsPortal integrates with both PayPal and Stripe. Activate our automatic PayPal import, and sync your transactions seamlessly into AccountsPortal.

Setting up a Stripe account and integrating into AccountsPortal takes a few minutes and lets you accept online card payments without setting up a merchant account.

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Popular Features For Startups

Accredited Software

Our best online accounting software is accredited by the ICB, the world's largest bookkeeping institute.

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Contacts and Statements

Access all your customer and supplier information, plus one-click statement generation.

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Purchase Orders

Keep control of your expenditure by creating Purchase Orders for your suppliers.

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Manage the full sales cycle by sending quotes and converting them into invoices.

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Free Support

Free, unlimited support to ensure that you get the most out of our accounting software

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Users and Permissions

Unlimited users. Set permissions to control the information you want each user to access.

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