Tax and VAT Guides

Tax and VAT

  • A Guide to the P11D Form

    A P11D form provides HMRC with details of specific taxable benefits in kind not included on the payroll. Here is everything you need to know before filing your P11D

  • What is Emergency Tax?

    If HMRC doesn't have enough information about how much tax your employees need to pay, it may put them on an emergency tax code. But what is emergency tax?

  • Do Charities Pay VAT?

    When it comes to charities and VAT, the rules can be complex. While charities are not exempt from paying VAT, they can claim various reliefs and concessions that greatly benefit them.

  • Can You Pay Taxes With a Credit Card?

    Once you’ve filed your taxes, you may be planning to pay any amounts due using your personal credit card and, indeed, you may have done so in the past.

  • How to Reduce Corporation Tax

    Corporation tax can be a major outgoing for some companies but with a little organisation understanding of the tax system you can take steps to reduce your liability

  • How to Amend a VAT Return

    Amending a VAT return is usually relatively straightforward, and, assuming the mistake is not due to careless or deliberate behaviour, you are unlikely to incur any penalties.

  • How to File a Tax Return Online

    Making sure you file your tax return on time each year can still be a source of stress for many small business owners

  • Guide to VAT Accounting Schemes

    Simplify VAT and improve cash flow with the right VAT accounting scheme. Learn about standard VAT, flat rate, cash accounting and more.