Online Accounting Software - Solving Your Pain

As anyone involved in keeping accounts for their company knows, from basic bookkeeping to sophisticated double-entry systems, there is plenty of scope for error, disorganisation and duplication of effort. Your choice of accounting software is one of the key decisions any business has to make. Whether it's a fledgling company just starting out or an established organization looking to streamline their operations, an accounts package that’s reliable, easy to use and efficient is worth its weight in gold.

According to research, as many as 13% of hard drives fail each year, and around 50% of computer users have at some time accidentally deleted critical information from their computer. Anyone responsible for the safety and integrity of their business records wants to sleep easy at night, knowing that their data is safe. The traditional solution is to keep backup copies at an offsite location, either via a company network or by physically moving it using removable drives.

A New Solution to an Old Problem

An online accounting package offers regular offsite backups, simplifying the process of data protection and keeping your digital accounts away from any catastrophe.

Whilst its clear that having the right accounts package saves time, money and complexity, it can also save you from worrying about backups. With AccountsPortal, we take care of all of this for you we backup to multiple offsite locations on a daily basis. In additional you can export your accounting data at any time.