Email Tracking and History

You can now track which invoices have (or have not) been sent to clients from AccountsPortal.

Viewing the Sent Status

The first change is visible in the list of invoices - there is now a new column called Sent that will indicate the current status for each invoice.

Once the invoice has been opened, the sent status will also be visible at the top right.

Email History

To get a history for a specific invoice, open the invoice and click the 'Other Options' menu. Then select the 'View History' option and you will be able to see when the email was sent, who it was sent to and the subject

Updating the Status

The status for an invoice will be automatically updated to Sent if you send an email from within AccountsPortal, or if the invoice is created from a recurring transaction (and you have selected the recurring transaction to be automatically emailed out).

You can also manually update the status from within a transaction by selecting the Mark as Sent or Mark as Unsent option from the 'More Options' menu.

Finally, if you wish to bulk update many invoices to Sent status, then this can be done on the invoice list page.