Enhanced Journals – Filter, Clone and Reverse journals

If you are like us and enter lots of Journal transactions, you will enjoy these additions.

Journal Navigation

Firstly, access to journals has always been a bit hidden in the Settings, but you can now add a Journal tab to the main navigation menu by modifying your user profile. To get started, click on your login name, and then select the 'My Profile' link. You can then enable the Journal tab by selecting "Yes" from the relevant option.

You will now see a separate tab for Journals alongside the other main tab sections.

Filter Journals

From within the journals view, you can also filter the Journal list to search for specific transactions or limit the list based on date criteria.

Clone and Reverse Journals

To copy an existing journal, click the Clone link in the Actions column. This will create a new journal transaction with the exact same detail as the original. Similarly, you can create a Reverse Journal, which create a new journal transaction with the Debits and Credits swapped around.

The same options are available as buttons if you are currently displaying a single journal transaction.

Happy "journalling"!