New Version of AccountsPortal released!

Folks, we are there! The new version of AccountsPortal has finally been released, and can now be accessed from

Here are some important notes and a quick run down of what's changed:

Existing Application

The existing application will continue to run at The new application will run in tandem, and you can access your information through either system. This means that if you updated your data in one system, then it will be immediately available in the other system. We will continue running the old system for a few weeks, but it will be phased out in the not-too-distant future.

Your existing email address and password can be used for either application.

What's Changed

Here are some of the awesome new and updated features that are available right away:

  • The application can now be viewed on other internet devices such as an iPad or smartphone. 
  • Multiple invoices can now be printed at the same time. 
  • Multiple invoices can be updated from Draft to Approved status at the same time. 
  • The Bank Reconciliation feature has been greatly simplified and integrated into the Bank Transactions list. 
  • You can set up Email Templates and tags; defaults can be set on a per organisation and/or per customer basis. 
  • We have improved the individual Invoices view so that you can easily see which payments/allocations have been paid against a single Invoice or Credit Note 
  • In addition to using the automatic number sequence, you can now choose your own Invoice Number when creating new Invoices or Credit Notes. 
  • The Invoice Import routine now also lets you specify the Invoice number rather than use the AccountsPortal number sequence. 
  • You can re-order invoice/credit note line items via drag-and-drop. 
  • Credit Allocation Notes can now be deleted. 
  • Supplier Statements - you can now create and print statements for Suppliers as well as Customers.
  • New companies are now set up via a step-by-step wizard.
  • Help is now available from within the application - click the Help link at the top right to submit a ticket.
  • You can open the system in as many tabs as you like - simply right click and you're off.

Important Note regarding the Flat Rate Scheme for VAT

Customers in the UK that are registered under the flat rate scheme should note that we have changed the functionality slightly. If you use the new system, then the Profit/Loss portion attributable to the FRS is no longer assigned to the line item GL Account. This portion is instead always assigned to a single new account 4575 – Profit/Loss from FRS. This will make tracking of the benefit/cost of using the FRS much easier. The old system will continue to work as it has in the past. Please note that if you save a transaction in the new system which was previously created in the old, the new method will be applied and the accounts restated.

For Accounting Partners

If you are one of our accounting partners, then kindly note that your customised logo is not yet available in the new version. We are still investigating the best way to handle this going forward.


A big thank you once again to all our customers, especially those that helped out during Beta testing. We are very excited about the new system, and the enourmous potential that it gives us to move forward.