Version 0.30 released with new features and functionality!

- Datagrid paging has been added to enhance the usability of lists and reports which have large volumes of data. You decide how many line items you would like to see on each page and easily navigate between pages.

- New accounts have been added to the default Chart of Accounts to assist with managing overpayments. See Customer Overpayments or Supplier Overpayments for more detail.

- We have applied proper number formatting throughout the application, so that thousand seperators are shown. This should make reading large numbers much easier.

- Extra validations have been added to the VAT Status maintenance area in the Settings tab. This will help prevent accidently deleting or changing a status which may impact on existing transactions.

- 'My Profile' link has been added to allow you to modify your Name, Email address and Password. The security strength of your password is also validated to ensure your choice is secure.

- Unmatching a Bank Statement line item from a bank transaction now displays a warning message.