Bank Feeds for your Online Accounting Software

Bank Feeds for your Online Accounting Software

We're pleased to announce that our Bank Feeds have been completely revamped for our UK, EU, US and Canadian customers. We've partnered with Plaid (one of the world's leading solutions) to provide open banking services to AccountsPortal customers. Plaid connects with the UK’s major banking institutions and allows transactions to be securely synced with AccountsPortal. This makes it even easier to track the money coming in and going out of your business.

You can connect all of your bank accounts to AccountsPortal via Plaid in a secure manner. Once connected, Plaid will automatically refresh your transactions 4 times a day, after which the transactions will be seamlessly imported into AccountsPortal.

This will help keep your accounts up-to-date and result in more accurate and timely information.

To get started, navigate to Banking -> Bank Feeds and follow the instructions. You'll be up and running will fully integrated bank feeds in your accounting software in less than 2 minutes!

Users in other geographic locations will continue to use Yodlee for bank feeds.

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