AccountsPortal Help Documentation

Add or Edit Journal entry

A Journal entry allows the user to enter amounts directly into the accounts listed in the organisation's chart of accounts.

Note: If you are unsure about creating manual journal entries, speak to your Accountant first.

You can delete any journal unless one of the transaction line items has been included in a Bank Reconciliation.

View Journals

Navigate to the Settings tab, then click on the Journals link. Alternatively, activate the Journals tab for permanent display.

All previous Journal and Opening Balance transactions are displayed in a list format in ascending date order.

Click on a journal transaction to display it in its original entry format.

All fields will be available for editing unless the line item has been included in a bank reconciliation.

Add or Edit Journal

For information on copying or reversing journals, see Clone or Reverse Journal entry.

To create a new Journal, navigate to the Settings tab, click on the Journals link and then click the New Journal button.

Proceed to enter the Journal as follows:

  • Transaction ID: Automatically generated sequential number based on the Transaction Numbering settings for the organisation.
  • Reference: Optionally enter any relevant text here. 
  • Date: The date of the Journal entry. 
  • Add New Line Item: If more than one line item is to be entered, click on this button to initiate the entry of the next line item. 
  • Account: Enter the account against which the line item should be recorded. Use the drop down arrow to search available accounts or click in the field and enter free text to find matching values. If you cannot find an appropriate account, check your settings for the Chart of Accounts and create a new account if required.
  • Description: Optionally enter a description for each line item.
  • Category: Only visible if Categories have been created. Optional field for further classification of line item.
  • Debit / Credit: Each line item must contain either a debit or credit amount.
  • Delete line: Line item can be deleted if it is not a bank account transaction that has been reconciled.
  • Notes: Optionally enter information applicable to the transaction.


Click the Save button to complete the creation of the journal.

Permanently displaying a Journal tab

You can choose to permanently display a journal tab in the main navigation menu. This may be useful if you enter a large number of journals on a regular basis.

  • Click your login name at the top right of the window
  • From the resulting dropdown list select My Profile
  • Ensure that the option to Display Journals on the main navigation menu has been set to Yes