AccountsPortal Help Documentation

Allocate Overpayment to Invoice

Overpayments, Deposits and Advances can be created as a result of:

In each case, the overpayment is a separate transaction line in the bank transaction list and can be subsequently allocated or offset against any invoice with an outstanding amount. The allocation can be a whole or partial allocation and takes place directly in the existing invoice.

Select the appropriate Sales Invoice or Purchase Invoice. An Apply Credit section will be visible if the contact has any outstanding overpayments or credit notes available to offset against the current invoice.

Click on the Credit this invoice hyperlink to proceed. A list of the contact's available credits will be presented for allocation.

  • Allocation Date: The date that the allocation takes place. This defaults to the current date but can be changed to any date after the invoice and/or the selected credit being allocated.
  • Amount to Credit: Each line represents a credit available for allocation. Enter the appropriate allocation amount on each line.

Click the Allocate Credit button to complete the allocation of overpayments and/or credit notes to an invoice.


Each overpayment or credit note selected for allocation results in a separate CAL/PAL allocation transaction type being created i.e. if five credits are selected for allocation, five separate CAL/PAL transactions will appear against the invoice.