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Aged Receivables

The Aged Receivables report is a summary of all outstanding Sales Invoices (and Credit Notes, where applicable) for the Organisation at a point in time. The information is displayed in specific aged brackets in each column.

View the Aged Receivables report

To view the Aged Receivables report, navigate to the Reports tab, and then click the Aged Receivables link.

Report parameters

  • View: Specify whether you would like to view the report as a Summary (i.e. the ageing for each Customer is shown as a total) or Detail (i.e. the  ageing for each invoice or credit note is shown individually.
  • Date:  The point in time at which the report will be run.
  • Due Date / Transaction Date: Choose from the drop-down list to view the ageing by Transaction Date or Due Date. 

Once the parameters have been chosen, click the Refresh button.

The current report can be Exported or Printed at any time.

The overall total should agree to the balance of the Accounts Receivable account on the date specified. It is good practise to check this periodically against any one of the Balance SheetTrial Balance or Period Balance reports for the same date.