AccountsPortal Help Documentation

Products and Services (Price List Items)

Price List Items are products and/or services that you use on Invoices or Credit Notes on a regular basis. Using Price List Items can greatly speed up the entering of transactions into AccountsPortal, as you do not have to manually key in the relevant information each time.

Price List Items can only be used in Invoices and Credit Notes. Consider using the Import feature.

View Price List Items

Navigate to the Settings tab and click on the Products and Services link.

Add Price List Items

Click on the Add New Item button

  • Code: This is a unique identifier that allows you to easily store and remember each price list item. It is limited to maximum of 10 characters.
  • Description: A description of the Item, which will be used for the transaction line item description. Can be left blank.
  • Category: Option for more detailed reporting. See Categories for more information.
  • Stock Item: Checkbox to identify which items are considered Stock or Inventory items. Used in report filters.
  • Opening Qty: Enter a value here if you already have stock on hand at the Conversion Date.


The Sales settings will apply to Sales Invoices and Credit Notes.

The Purchases settings will apply to Purchase Invoices and Credit Notes.

  • Quantity: The number of units that you usually sell/purchase for the Item.
  • Unit Price: The unit price for the Item.
  • Account: Optionally specify the default account from the Chart of Accounts.
  • VAT: Optionally specify the default VAT code for the Item.

Click the Save button to complete the creation of the Item.

Edit/Delete Price List Items

Click on the Edit or Delete link in Actions column.

Clicking on the link associated with a code drills down to the line item history for the Product or Service.


  • The only required field is the Item Code; all other fields are optional.
  • Even if you have specified values for all of the fields, these can be over-written when entering or editing transactions.
  • View the Product and Services report for an overview of quantity and value movements across a fixed a period of time.