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Print or Email Remittance Advice

A remittance advice is a letter sent to a contact, informing them that they have been paid.

For Supplier Invoice Payments and Customer Refunds, the payment notification includes a list of invoices or credit notes that are relevant to the payment and can be printed or emailed as required.

For General Payments, the payment notification includes the tax/VAT/GST component of the payment.

This feature is not available for Overpayments.

Navigate to the relevant bank transaction. Click on either of the Email Remittance or Print Remittance buttons.

Using Email Templates

Using email templates is a great way to speed up creating and sending emails. Please see Email Templates for more information.

Styling the PDF

See Statements, Remittances and Receipts for more information on styling the resulting PDF Remittance Advice with regards to the logo, header and footer settings.