AccountsPortal Help Documentation

Purchase Orders

The Orders feature can be used to generate and send Purchase Orders to your suppliers. The orders are entered as transactions but do not update any of your financial reports until they are converted to invoices.

Create an Order

Navigate to the Purchases tab followed by the Orders sub-tab. Click on the Add New Purchase Order button. Proceed to enter the fields as required. The field usage and requirements are the same as Purchase Invoices.

Convert Order to Invoice

An invoice can be created directly from the order if you purchase the goods or services. Open the order and click on the arrow in the Convert to Invoice button. You have the option of creating the invoice with the Purchase Order Date or Today's Date. The selection will convert the order to a Purchase Invoice in Draft status. Edit the invoice if required and mark it as Approved when required.

Reject an Order

You can mark an order as Rejected if you fail to purchase the goods or services. Open the order, click on the Other Options button and then select Mark as Rejected.

Delete an Order

Orders can only be deleted if:

  • status is Open or Rejected
  • the order is not marked as Sent

Other Notes

The fields printed and general styling of the PDF are controlled by the settings in Brands and Templates.

Orders make use of Email Templates but share the settings of Invoices regarding the Default template used.