AccountsPortal Help Documentation

View and Edit your Purchases

You can view your purchase invoices and purchase credit notes by clicking on the main Purchases tab.

  • Outstanding - purchase invoices and purchase credit notes that have not been fully paid, allocated, refunded or voided
  • Draft - invoices that are in Draft status
  • Paid - invoices and credit notes that have been fully paid, allocated, refunded or voided
  • All - all invoices and credit notes
  • Recurring - recurring invoices set up to automatically create invoices on specified dates and frequencies

Search for one or more transactions

By clicking on the Filter button, you can search for one or more transactions that meet your criteria.

Edit a transaction

Once you have located the transaction that you wish to edit, you can click on the Transaction ID in order to view the transaction, and make edits if necessary.

An Apply Credit section will be visible if the contact has any outstanding overpayments or credit notes available to offset against the current invoice. For more information see Allocate Credit Note to Invoice or Allocate Overpayment to Invoice.