AccountsPortal Help Documentation

Email an Invoice

You can email an invoice at any time by opening an existing invoice and clicking on the Email button. 

The fields in the Email window will be populated automatically, but can be edited as required.

  • To: Defaults to the email address specified in the customer record. You can specify multiple email addresses, separating each with a comma
  • CC: Choose if you would like to receive a copy of the invoice
  • Subject: The subject as it appears to the recipient of the email.
  • Body: Replace or add to the default text as required.

Using Email Templates

Using email templates is a great way to speed up creating and sending emails. Please see Email Templates for more information.

Online Invoice Links

Sending an Online Invoice Link in the email of the body is highly recommended as not all users have PDF reading software. There is also enhanced PayPal integration functionality available in online invoices via the settings in the Invoice Brands and Templates.