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Quick Start Guide

When you register for the first time or add a new organisation, it is immediately ready for use. There are, however, some items that you should check and possibly update in order to accurately represent the setup of your organisation.

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1. Organisation details should be checked for accuracy and completeness. In particular, ensure that the financial year-end settings are correct, as these impact on reporting.

2. If the organisation is VAT registered, then the VAT settings must be updated.

3. You can invite additional users to your organisation at no extra charge. For example, you may wish to grant access to your accountant or bookkeeper.

4. You may want to examine the default Chart of Accounts, which can be modified to suite your unique circumstances. You can, for example, add new accounts or disable those accounts that you will not need (they can always be re-enabled at a later date).


If you are converting from another accounting system, then steps 5, 6 and 7 are of particular importance.

5. Transaction Numbering for the organisation should be checked. This is particularly relevant for outbound documents (such as sales invoices and credit notes), and if you would like to continue with the numbering used in a previous system.

6. The Conversion Date should be checked in the organisation's settings, and must be set to the first day you will be entering day to day transactions.

7. Conversion Balances and outstanding sales and purchase transactions can be added. These relate to the accounts and records you have kept prior to the Conversion Date that you entered in step 6.