AccountsPortal Help Documentation

Transaction Numbering

AccountsPortal automatically applies a sequential number sequence to all transactions, which means that the sequence will automatically increment for each new transaction.

AccountsPortal will automatically create a default set of transaction numbers for all new Organisations. 

View Transaction Numbering

To view the Transaction Numbering sequence, click the Settings tab, and then click the Transaction Numbering link.

Edit Transaction Numbering

Although AccountsPortal creates a default Transaction Number sequence (with all transactions starting at '1') for new Organisations, the transaction numbering can be changed at any time.

  • Prefix: The transaction Prefix is a static text field that appears before the transaction Number. It can contain any mix of letters and numbers. 
  • Next Number: The Next Number field, which must be a number, can start at any value. It will automatically increment by '1' for each new transaction.
  • Next Transaction ID: This field is a read-only field and reflects the next Transaction ID for each Transaction type.


All new transactions will have a transaction sequence automatically applied when you first create the transaction. In the case of Sales Invoices, Credit Notes, Purchase Invoices and Purchase Credit Notes you can overwrite the automatically generated number in the transaction entry screen. However, the system will prevent you from entering a transaction number that already exists for your organisation.