AccountsPortal Help Documentation

Create a Sales Invoice or Credit Note

Navigate to the Sales tab and click on the New Invoice or New Credit Note button.

Proceed to enter the invoice details as follows:

  • Transaction ID: Automatically generated sequential number based on the Transaction Numbering settings for the organisation. This represents the unique sales invoice number which is presented to the customer. You can change this number if you wish, but it must be unique for each transactions.
  • Customer: Select the customer you are selling the goods or services to. If the customer has not already been set up, click on the Add New button to create a new customer. 
  • Invoice Date: The date you issue the invoice. Note that if you specify a date prior to the Conversion Date in your organisation settings, the invoice is treated as part of your Opening Balances and does not have an impact on your financial results. 
  • Due Date: The date that payment of the invoice falls due. This date will be automatically calculated by adding the number of days specified in the Customer record to the Invoice Date, but can be changed as required.
  • Amounts include VAT: By default, the Unit Price is expected to be entered net (i.e. excluding) VAT. Selecting this checkbox results in all VAT calculations assuming the Unit Price includes VAT. This impacts the overall VAT charged on the invoice and therefore, the Total of the invoice. 
  • VAT Treatment: This option is only visible if your organisation is registered for VAT. It is mostly relevant to UK organisations which sell into Europe. See VAT UK - Box by Box for more information.
  • Reference: Enter relevant information such as customer's purchase order or other details you would like to appear on the invoice output. 
  • Notes: Enter information applicable to the entire invoice. The text is available for displaying on the invoice output. 
  • Include in PDF: Selecting this checkbox ensures that text in the Notes field appears on the PDF printed version of the sales invoice.
  • Brand: Select the PDF output from different brand templates created in Invoice Brands and Templates. The field is only available if more than one template has been created.
Once you have saved the invoice, you are ready to add items.