AccountsPortal Help Documentation

Create a New Contact

Navigate to the main Contacts tab and click on the Add New Contact button. 

  • Name & Type: 
    • Name: Information entered here appears on Invoices, Credit Notes and Quotes/Orders.
    • Name on Invoice: Replaces the entry in the Name field above when printing transactions.
    • Contact Type: Indicate whether the details belong to a Customer or a Supplier thus determining which transactions can be processed against this account. Selecting both is possible.
  • Vat Details:
    • VAT Number: The number entered here will print on Sales Invoices and Sales Credit Notes.
    • EU VAT Country: Select the appropriate EU country if your Customer is in Europe. This is relevant to VAT registered UK organisations with European sales where the customer is VAT registered (see the EC Sales List report) as well as all any organisation that sells Digital Services into the EU where the customer is not VAT registered (see the EU Digital Services report).
  • Transaction Defaults: You can set defaults for invoices and credit notes, which will greatly speed up data entry:
  • Address Details: Two different addresses can be stored for each contact. The appropriate address can be selected in each transaction.
  • Contact Details:
    • Email: Multiple email addresses can be entered and should be separated by commas.
    • Skype: Enter a Skype account id to create a hyperlink in the Contact overview for direct calling.

Adding Notes to a Contact

Notes are added in the overview screen for a contact. See the View or Edit Contacts help document.