AccountsPortal Help Documentation

Vend Integration


Setting up Vend integration in AccountsPortal is easy; there are only a few things that you need to do.


Tax Rates

If you expect tax to be applied on invoices generated from Vend sales, it is important that the correct tax rates are set up in AccountsPortal and that they match the tax rates set up in Vend. If the tax rates differ then AccountsPortal will be unable to save invoices for Vend sales.


All Vend invoices will be linked against a sales account in AccountsPortal. Once the integration is set up you will be able to choose which account is used.

Payments against invoices are put against bank accounts in AccountsPortal, and we recommend using different accounts for each payment type (cash and credit card).

Activating Vend Integration

To activate the integration, first navigate to Settings → Vend. From here, click the Enable Vend Integration button. AccountsPortal will redirect you to Vend, where you will need to log into your Vend account and confirm that you wish to link with AccountsPortal.

After this is done, you will be redirected back to the AccountsPortal Vend integration page, where you can adjust your account settings.

Step 1

Click Settings in the menu.

Step 2

Click Vend under the Integrations section.

Step 3

You will see the following. Click Enable Vend Integration to continue.

Step 4

If you are not already logged into your Vend account, Vend will ask for the address of your Vend company. In this example we have used "mydemocompany".

Step 5

Once you have entered the address of your Vend company, Vend will ask you to provide the details of your Vend account. Once you have done so, click Allow Access.

Step 4 Alternative

If you are already logged into your Vend account, Vend will simply ask you to confirm the integration. Click Allow Access.

Step 6

After a moment, the integration with Vend will be set up and you will be redirected back to AccountsPortal, under Settings → Vend.

From here you can manage the Vend integration.

Removing Vend Integration

If you decide that you no longer wish to integrate AccountsPortal with Vend, you can remove the integration by navigating to Settings → Vend and clicking the Remove Vend Integration button.

After clicking Remove Vend Integration you will be presented with this confirmation dialog. Click Delete to confirm the removal of Vend integration.


Sales made in Vend will be converted into invoices or quotes in AccountsPortal.

Sale Types

Vend offers several options when creating sales and AccountsPortal is able to support most of the different sale options.

Supported Sale Types

  • Walk-In cash or credit card sale
  • Cash or credit card sale to named customer
  • On Account sale to named customer
  • Parked sale with products
  • Discarded sale

Unsupported Sale Types

  • Layby sale
  • Parked sale with no products

Cash or Credit Card Sales

When a cash or credit card sale is made in Vend, AccountsPortal will turn the sale into a closed invoice, where each sale item in Vend is a line item on the invoice and all payments are applied to the invoice.

On Account Sale

When an On Account sale is made in Vend, AccountsPortal will turn the initial sale into an open invoice, where each sale item in Vend is a line item on the invoice. When the sale is closed, payments will be applied to the invoice and the invoice will be closed.

Parked Sale

When a sale is parked on Vend, AccountsPortal will create a quote for that sale. Once the sale in Vend is completed, AccountsPortal will create a closed invoice with all payments applied for the sale and link it to the original quote.

Note that sales parked with a negative value and sales parked without products are not support by AccountsPortal and will be ignored until the sale is completed.

Discarded Sale

When a sale is discarded on Vend AccountsPortal will create a voided invoice for that sale, using whatever information was available on the sale at that time.

Note that voided sales with payments already made against them are not supported by AccountsPortal and will be ignored.

Notes For Completed Sales

Vend allows for completed sales to be edited and have further items and payments applied to them. However, AccountsPortal does not. Once an invoice in AccountsPortal has had payments made against it, the invoice is locked and cannot be edited. This means that if you were to update a completed sale in Vend to add extra items, AccountsPortal will ignore those items and any further payments.


Customers in Vend will be converted into Contacts in AccountsPortal.

Named Customers

If you create a named customer in Vend, AccountsPortal will import it and create a contact using the information from the Vend customer.

The name of the contact in AccountsPortal will vary depending on what information is available.

If the company name is set then AccountsPortal will name the contact after it. Otherwise, it will name the contact after the contact name set in Vend. AccountsPortal will set the name of the main contact using the Vend contact name regardless.

If a contact already exists in AccountsPortal with the same name as one on Vend, AccountsPortal will use the existing contact, rather than create a new one.

Walk-In Customers

AccountsPortal will create a new contact called Vend Walk-In Customer the first time that a walk-in sale is completed in Vend. Afterwards, all walk-in sales will be set against this customer in AccountsPortal.

If a contact named Vend Walk-In Customer is already present before the first walk-in sale has been completed, then AccountsPortal will link Vend sales against that contact, rather than create a new one.


Products in Vend will be imported as products in AccountsPortal.

Product Code

AccountsPortal will attempt to use the product code that is used in Vend. However, AccountsPortal has a limit of 16 characters for product codes, whereas it is possible to set longer codes in Vend. When a Vend product code is too long for AccountsPortal to store, it will instead generate a new product code beginning with V- and use that instead.

If the product code on Vend is changed to be 16 characters or less then AccountsPortal will use the code supplied by Vend.

Product Name

AccountsPortal will use the description field to list the name of a product as set in Vend. If there is a further description available, that description will be appended to the end of the name.