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Email Settings

Email services like Gmail, Yahoo and AOL (as well as corporate email servers) use a variety of authentication methods to verify sender identity. Emails sent from AccountsPortal using your login email address would be prone to failing these authentication checks and the result would be a high occurrence of emails being blocked or put through additional filters, potentially preventing them from reaching the recipient's inbox.

To avoid this issue, emails sent from within AccountsPortal all have the same "From" address: '[email protected]'. As we are able to authenticate this address, deliverability rates improve significantly.

Email Settings allow you to choose a custom From Name and Reply To Email Address for every email that we send for your organisation.


Navigate to the Settings tab and then click Email Settings. There are two options to choose from:


Logged in User

This is the default setting.

If Tom Smith is logged in under [email protected] and sends an email to [email protected], all emails sent by Tom Smith would be formatted as follows:


from: Tom Smith <[email protected]>  
reply-to: [email protected]    
to: [email protected]  
subject: Invoice #124


Custom Email

Enter your own From Name and Reply To Email Address in the fields provided.

Click on Save to generate a confirmation email which will be sent to the specified email address. Your custom email settings will only become active in the system once the link in the confirmation email has been clicked.

Continuing with Tom's example above, you could enter 'Tom's Design Shop' in From Name and '[email protected]' in Reply To Email Address. Once the setting has been activated, all emails sent from AccountsPortal for your organisation would be formatted as follows:


from: Tom's Design Shop <[email protected]>  
reply-to[email protected]   
to: [email protected]  
subject: Invoice #124