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Although every transaction is entered against an Account in the Chart of Accounts, you may require the ability to assign a further classification or dimension to your transactions. Often referred to as Cost Centres or Departments, categories can be used to create a reporting dimension for divisions, departments, people or any other classification required.

The category is optional during transaction entry and can be used in the line items of Invoices, Credit Notes, Journals and Bank transactions. Note that you must already have at least one category in order for this option to be available when creating transactions.

Add or Edit Categories

Navigate to the Settings tab and then click on the Categories link.

Click the Add New Category button or the existing Category to be edited. Proceed to enter the information as follows:

  • Code: This is a unique identifier for the Category. It is limited to maximum of 8 characters.
  • Description: A description of the Category.


Click the Save button to complete the creation of the Category.

Reporting on Categories

Category information is available in the following reports:


  • Categories cannot be deleted if they have been saved in transactions.
  • Inserting Categories is optional in all transactions.