AccountsPortal Help Documentation

Period Balance

The Period Balance report reflects the movement in all accounts between two dates. The total Period Debits should always equal the total Period Credits, and the total Period Change should therefore always be equal to zero.

View the Period Balance report

To view the Period Balance report, navigate to the Reports tab, and then click the Period Balance link.

Report parameters

  • Start: The start date of the report.
  • End:  The end date of the report.

Note that the Start Date and End Date must be in the same financial year. Once the parameters have been chosen, click the Refresh button.

The current report can be Exported or Printed at any time.


This report will automatically exclude all transactions (with the exception of Conversion Balance transactions) entered before the Conversion Date. Refer to the section on Converting from Another Accounting System for more information.

All reports in AccountsPortal are created in real time and there is no need to process any end-of-year journals. This means that Retained Earnings will be automatically calculated for prior financial years, and the Profit and Loss reflected in the Period Balance report will therefore always pertain to the current financial year only. Accordingly, it is critical that the correct financial year-end has been specified in the Organisation's Financial Settings.