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Profit and Loss

The Profit and Loss report is an indication of an Organisation's financial performance over a period of time.

View the Profit and Loss report

To view the Profit and Loss report, navigate to the Reports tab, and then click the Profit and Loss link.

Report parameters

  • Start Date: Select any date.
  • End Date: Select any date greater than the Start Date.
  • Display Options: 
    • Default: Standard display for the report.
    • By Month: If this option is selected, then the report will display the information on a month-by-month basis. Note that data may be shown for partial months; for example, if the specified start date is 15-01-2012, then the Jan-2012 column will only reflect transactions with a date between (and including) 15-01-2012 and 31-01-2012. The same principle applies to the End Date. Some care should also be taken with choosing very large date ranges with the Show Monthly option selected, as you may have to scroll to the right to view all the information.  
    • By Category: The amounts for the report are displayed by Category for the date range selected.

Once the parameters have been chosen, click the Refresh button.

The current report can be Exported or Printed at any time.


This report will automatically exclude all transactions (with the exception of Opening Balance transactions) entered before the Conversion Date. Refer to the section on Converting from Another Accounting System for more information.