AccountsPortal Help Documentation

Enable Billing

In order to ensure ongoing access to each of your organisations, its is necessary to enable the billing.

The first time you enable billing for an organisation, you will be asked to enter payment card details, and for each subsequent organisation you enable the same card details will be used. You can update your card details at any time.

To enable billing, click on your login name at the top right of the application, and select My Subscriptions.  The Billing and Subscriptions will list all the organisations that you have access to.

Any user can enable billing for an organisation that they have access to by clicking on the Enable billing link in the Billing Action field.

Billing Details

The Billing Details are automatically filled in to ensure that you have selected the correct organisation.

Promo Code

If you are taking advantage of a promotion being run by AccountsPortal, enter the code in the space provided and click the Apply button. Otherwise, this field can be left blank.

Card Details

You will only be asked for these when you enable the billing for your first organisation. If you have previously entered card details, you will not need to enter your card details again.

Enter details for all the fields marked with * (if you select Maestro/Switch/Solo as Card Type, you may have to enter an Issue number if your card has one).

All card details are processed by Optimal Payments and AccountsPortal does not save these at any time.

Click Save to complete the billing activation for the organisation. If all your card details are correct, then you will receive confirmation that your records have been successfully updated.