AccountsPortal Help Documentation

Stripe Integration

Getting started

Stripe is a third party service that allows you to accept online card payments without requiring a merchant account.

AccountsPortal can accept payments directly from your online invoices by activating the Stripe integration. Note that in addition to the Stripe fees, we charge an extra 0.5% of the transaction total.


1.1 In AccountsPortal, navigate to the Settings tab and click the Stripe link in the Integrations section.

1.2 Click the Enable Stripe Integration button.

1.3 If you already have a Stripe account, then click on Sign In and enter your Stripe log in credentials to set up the integration.

1.4 If you are new to Stripe, fill in the account registration form and click Authorize access to this account to create your new Stripe account and set up the integration within AccountsPortal.


You are now ready to specify which invoice templates will be active for receiving Stripe payments when your customers view your online invoices.

2.1 Toggle the ON/OFF button for each invoice template as required.

2.2 Select a Bank Account to ensure Stripe payments automatically generate a bank transaction in AccountsPortal and mark the invoice as paid. This setting is optional but highly recommended as it also ensures the same invoice cannot be paid twice. If required, set up a new bank account for this purpose.

2.3 Activate Payment Notification if you would like an automated email notification when receiving payments through an online invoice. This setting needs to be maintained directly in the invoice templates. You will note that the 2.1 and 2.2 settings can also be maintained direclty in each invoice template. 

Managing your Stripe Account

To manage your actual Stripe account, please log in directly on the Stripe website.

Removing the Stripe integration

Navigate to the Settings tab and click the Stripe link in the Integrations section.

Click on the Remove Stripe Integration button and confirm by clicking Delete. Note that this will NOT remove the integration from your actual Stripe account - to do this, you must log into your Stripe account and remove the integration manually.