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Import Products

Importing a CSV (comma delimited) file is an efficient and time-saving option when creating Products. The import tool simplifies the exercise of moving your products across from your previous accounting system. To assist with this process, you should download the template file provided. The template contains field headings which correspond to the fields maintained when manually creating products.

Navigate to the Settings tab and click on the Products and Services link. Click on the Import button.

Step 1: Download the template file

Click on the link to download the template file. It is advisable to open the file using a spreadsheet program like Excel. This will automatically recognise the commas in the CSV file and split the fields into columns. Enter or copy and paste your input data into the relevant fields.

The following rules and tips should be considered:

  • Save the file as CSV (comma delimited) with a .csv file extension as only CSV files are permitted for upload.
  • Field names and field order cannot be changed or deleted.
  • Code and Product Group (if in use) are the only required fields.
  • Maximimum lines per upload file is 500.
  • Importing existing products will update and overwrite the existing product (based on Code field).
  • Commas within a field require the contents of the field to be Text delimited with quotation marks eg "xxx, xxx".

Step 2: Import the file

Click on the Browse button and select the saved CSV file. Click the Import button. You will be notified if there are any errors, which you will have to rectify before proceeding. The import has not yet taken place and can be cancelled in order to amend the file.

Step 3: Complete the import

Click the Complete Import button to import the Products or update existing records. A message will be displayed if the process has successfully completed.