AccountsPortal Help Documentation

Products and Services

This report displays the sales and purchases of your Products and Services over a period of time.

View the Products and Services report

To view the Products and Services report, navigate to the Reports tab, and then click the Products and Services link.

Report parameters

  • Start Date: Select any date.
  • End Date: Select any date greater than the Start Date.
  • Type: You can filter the report by choosing to display only Stock items, Non-stock items, or All. Ensure that you have selected the 'Stock Item' option for the item, if appropriate.
  • Negative Line Items: You can choose how negative negative items on Invoices and Credit Notes are displayed in the report result. Select Include Value Only if you don't want the quantity reduced (e.g. discount) or Include Qty and Value.

Once the parameters have been chosen, click the Refresh button.

The current report can be Exported or Printed at any time.

Opening Quantity

This value is calculated as the sum of the Opening Qty defined for the item and the total net quantity of Sales and Purchases prior to the Start Date.

Closing Value

This report will automatically calculate a Closing Value for each item. The method for calculating the Closing Balance will vary depending on whether or not you have made any purchases for the item yet.

  • If you have not yet made any purchases for the item, then the Closing Value = Closing Quantity x Purchase Unit Price as defined for the item.
  • If you have made any purchases of the item at any point, then the Closing Value = Closing Quantity x Average Purchase Price where Average Purchase Price = Total Purchase Value / Total Purchase Quantity. Note that the Average Purchase Price is calculated for the total of all items before the End Date (i.e. it includes periods before the Start Date).


The Closing Value is an indicative value only and is not to be seen as a true Accounting Value for Inventory on hand. The report is not a fully integrated inventory module but does allow you to track the inventory levels and estimate a closing value.