AccountsPortal Help Documentation

Managing Users and Permissions


AccountsPortal allows you to give one or more other users access to your Organisation's information. You can add as many additional users to your organisation as you want for no additional cost.

Add or Edit a User

Note that you must have the 'Manage Users and Permissions' role to perform the actions listed below. Users without this permission will not be able to perform any of these actions.

To add a new User, or edit an existing User, navigate to the Settings tab, and then click on Manage Users. Click the "Add new User" button, and proceed to enter the following information:

  • First Name.
  • Last Name.
  • Email address: This must be a valid email address, otherwise the user will not be able to access AccountsPortal. 
  • Disable this user: If you wish to temporarily prevent this user from accessing the Organisation's information, then select this option. Once a user's status has been disabled, then they will no longer be able to access any information for that organisation. Note that only the Primary User can specify this option for other users.  

User Permissions

When you add a new user to AccountsPortal, you should also enable permissions to the relevant sections. Each user can be given different permissions.

Note that you cannot edit your own permissions - only another user with the 'Manage Users and Permissions' role will be able to edit your permissions.

The following users automatically get full permissions to everything:

  • If you originally created the organisation in AccountsPortal
  • AccountsPortal Partners (Accountants and Bookkeepers)

Delete a User

You can permanently remove a user's access to your organisation by clicking the Remove Access link next to the user's name.