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Bank Import Rules

During bank statement transaction processing, AccountsPortal checks for existing rules which match the Payee (payee/payer) field in the bank statement line. If a rule is found, it can be used to quickstart the bank transaction by selecting the appropriate Transaction Type and where applicable the Customer/Supplier, Account and VAT code. The purpose of this functionality it to increase efficiency and consistency of how bank transactions are created from bank statement lines.

If activated in your organisation's settings, Import Rules will be created automatically when a bank statement line is processed. The rule is based on a search term that is derived from the Payee field in the bank statement line and is only created once.

Add or Edit an Existing Import rule

Navigate to the Banking tab, click on Bank Statement Import and then Manage Import Rules.

Click on an existing rule to edit the settings. All fields can be changed including the Transaction Type.

It is not necessary to differentiate at a rule level between payments and receipts as this determined whilst processing a bank statement line based on the sign of the Amount field. 

  • Search Term: This is the key text checked to see if it matches the value in the Payee field of the statement line. A positive match results in this rule being available for use during bank statement processing. The text is set to lowercase when rules are created automatically. Wildcards, e.g. *paypal*, can be used.
  • Customer/Supplier: Customer/supplier to be used with this rule. Must be maintained if Transaction Type is Invoice Payment or Refund.
  • Account: Acount to be used with this rule. Only applicable if Transaction Type is General Payment.
  • VAT Treatment: This option is only visible if your organisation is registered for VAT. It is mostly relevant to UK organisations with European sales or purchases. See VAT UK - Box by Box for more information.
  • VAT: VAT code to be used with this rule. Only applicable if Transaction Type is General Payment.
  • Category: Optional field for further classification of line item.
  • Transaction Type: This determines the type of bank transaction that will be created when using the rule.

Delete an Import Rule

You can delete an import rule at any time by clicking on the Delete link next to the import rule.